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Biofuels from pruning

Production of advanced biofuels from the processing of waste mowing and pruning collected on the territory

Hera continues to carry out research aimed at analysing technologies to produce advanced biofuels starting from the treatment of mowing and pruning collected on the territory with separate collection. These waste materials - currently used in composting processes or sent for energy recovery - can also be used in the production of bioethanol or biomethane, fuels that can be considered to be “advanced” meaning that they are produced from waste materials and not from dedicated energy crops, which would subtract land that can be used for many other purposes. In order to obtain such fuels from lignocellulosic waste, special pre-treatments to make the material more easily degradable in anaerobic digestion or alcoholic fermentation processes are necessary, such as steam explosion, a high-pressure steam thermal process.

The results of the experiment, concluded in 2018 and continued in 2019 and 2020, led to the definition of a first project for the production of biomethane from lignocellulosic biomass waste in industrial scale.

In 2019, the project for the enhancement of pruning for the production of biomethane received European funding from the LIFE programme, winning a contribution of approximately Euro 1.4 million.

Area: province of Ravenna

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