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Does to you innovative services


Innovative projects to make our service increasingly efficient and effective.

Hergo networks

84,000 emergency services requests managed in the first 9 months of 2020
More than 85,000 operation and maintenance activities managed in the first 9 months of 2020
More than 2,000 employees enabled for use

Senseable Dep

15 plants involved

Computerized dashboards for real-time monitoring of the biological, hydraulic and energy "state of health" of treatment plants

Hergo Ambiente

Citizens' behavioural data analysis system to improve the design of waste collection and environmental hygiene services, focusing on on-demand

NexMeter: 4.0 gas meter with advanced security features

3,500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided/year

A meter that, in addition to measuring consumption in real time, identifies any anomalies and catches micro gas leaks that are hard to locate.

Artificial intelligence to reduce gas leaks

46% more leaks detected on the network

Planning and management system of the gas network’s programmed leak research activities through machine learning algorithms aimed at optimising the effectiveness of the verifications in terms of number of leaks found


Innovative projects to make our cities more efficient, clean and safe.

PUNTOnet Multiservice Drop-Off Point

4 multiservice drop-off points already installed

Modular infrastructures that aggregate within a single point multiple services such as: waste collection with user identification, environmental quality and acoustic monitoring, connectivity video surveillance, electrical recharging, bike sharing, water supply

Dashboard and IoT sensors

17 monitored areas with at least one indicator per area

Constant, real-time monitoring dashboard of cities’ environmental, social and economic data. It can be partially powered by the sensors present in the PUNTOnet multiservice hubs or by other IoT devices



Innovative projects for recycling, recovering, regenerating.

Hera biomass from waste products

6.5 million cubic metres of biomethane produced in 2019

Anaerobic digester that produces biomethane used for public transport and compost for agriculture from urban organic waste collected with separate collection

Bioplastic from sugars

Research activities for the production of 100% biodegradable plastic, using sugars from waste cellulose as raw material

4.0 depuration

16% reduction in energy consumption
8.1% reduction of nitrogen in outlet water

As a result of the collaboration with Ammagamma, wastewater treatment plant in Modena has been equipped with a cutting-edge system - the only one in Italy - which uses predictive logic to further contain energy consumption and improve quality of outlet water

Biofuels from pruning

Production of advanced biofuels from the processing of waste mowing and pruning collected on the territory

Ultrasonic hydrolysis system for sewage sludge

Treatment of sludge from purification processes with ultrasonic acoustic waves to produce biogas and to reduce the volume to be disposed of

Solar greenhouses for sewage sludge drying

15% reduction of sewage sludge

Drying of sludge from purification processes in solar greenhouses to reduce the amount of sludge to be disposed of



Innovative projects, which make our customer services increasingly quicker and more simple.

Electronic bill payment

8 systems available

Collaboration agreements with financial and digital actors to further expand the range of payment options for our customers

Digital quotes (and more)

Innovative projects with the aim of rationalizing and digitizing end-to-end the operating processes of the entire company structure, with particular reference to the services offered to customers


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