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Governance of rsi

We work to promote, develop and implement business choices that meet the needs of all stakeholders in a balanced manner

Our social responsibility policy, set out in our business plan and translated into objectives in our Sustainability Report, forms the basis of our governance system, which is based on the principles of the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies and the values of our Code of Ethics. Our strength is our consolidated bond with the local area, which steers our actions towards creating value for each of our stakeholders.

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CSR: the protagonists and the tools that create shared value

The Shareholders' Meeting approves the Financial Statements, appoints the Board of Directors, the Board of Statutory Auditors and the Independent Auditors.

The Board of Directors is the corporate body entrusted with the administration of the company. According to the corporate by-laws, it is vested with the broadest powers for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the company, without limitations and with the power to carry out all acts (with the exception of those which, by law or by the by-laws, are reserved exclusively to the Shareholders' Meeting) deemed necessary and appropriate to achieve the company's purposes. 

The Board of Directors assesses the adequacy of the company's organisational, administrative and general accounting structure, focusing in particular on the internal control system. It is supported by two committees: the Remuneration Committee and the Control and Risk Committee. The Board of Directors has also set up a Supervisory Board pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and the Ethics and Sustainability Committee.

It is in charge of auditing activities, which it must carry out transparently and in compliance with the regulations in force.

The Risk Committee, set up in 2014, is the main body for steering, monitoring and reporting on risk management strategies. 

The Ethics and Sustainability Committee must monitor the dissemination and implementation of the Code of Ethics and supervise the sustainability aspects related to the company's business. Its functions include receiving reports of Code violations, assessing the initiation of proceedings and analysing company procedures on social and environmental issues.

Since 2007, the Board of Directors of Hera Spa has approved our Sustainability Report, together with its financial statements, to ensure the application of the principles of sustainable development throughout our business. Our Sustainability Report contains the results we have achieved in relation to the sustainability objectives we have set for ourselves and that are consistent with our business plan.

Download the 2019 Sustainability Report

In 2005 we were one of the first companies in Italy to dedicate a division to social responsibility by creating the Corporate Social Responsibility business unit. Thanks to this unit, which became part of the Shared Value and Sustainability Department (SVS) in 2019, we are constantly working to integrate social responsibility and sustainability into our business activities.

What does the SVS Department do?

The Shared Value and Sustainability Management Division:

  • suggests and defines corporate guidelines on corporate social responsibility and the creation of Shared Value
  • leads reporting and accountability policies
  • collaborates in stakeholder engagement initiatives
  • updates the Code of Ethics
  • oversees the balanced scorecard system
  • prepares sustainability reporting
  • suggests initiatives in the field of CSR/CSV.

Transparency and fairness thanks to Model 231 and risk assessment activities

To ensure the best conditions of fairness and transparency in conducting business and business-related activities, our companies have adopted the 231 Model, in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, which introduced an administrative liability scheme for companies with regard to offences committed, in their interest or to their advantage, by individuals holding representative, administrative or management positions in the companies themselves, or by individuals subject to their management or supervision.

Model 231, which includes the principles of conduct formalized in the Code of Ethics, is adopted by 22 companies of the Hera Group, representing 55% of the total number of subsidiaries and 93.7% of employees. Our companies have also defined 25 protocols to be followed in carrying out activities that are sensitive to the risks of crime included in Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001. In 2019 we approved and published our protocols that govern the participation in gas tenders, the management of reporting to the Supervisory Body (whistleblowing), and the protocol on public financing, and updated our procurement protocol.  

Thanks to the risk assessment activity carried out by the Internal Auditing Department, we generated a risk-based audit plan after mapping 564 risk scenarios. The audit and risk assessment plans, approved by the Board of Directors of Hera SpA in February 2019, will be developed over the 2019-2021 three-year period.

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Download the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies 

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Download the Code of commercial conduct for the sale of natural gas to end customers issued by the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas

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Download Confservizi's Code of Conduct for Companies and Local Public Service Operators

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