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Our responsibilities

Sustainable, effective and efficient management. Responsibility, reliability, and transparency, in a word: accountability.
Our mission? To be more responsive to the needs of citizens and increasingly effective in implementing our commitments. Combining our energies with those of active citizens and local communities.
The initiatives we undertake and our commitment to the stakeholders, citizens and communities we serve start from here. And from the responses we want to give to the serious environmental and socio-economic challenges we face today.

This approach is designed to make the value generated in the area more tangible, to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and to anticipate the needs of local communities by providing innovative ideas and services. 


Thematic reports: the topics we care about

The relationship with the local area and innovation, the quality of separate waste collection, sustainable drinking water management, and energy efficiency are the most important issues for our Group. These are exactly the topics that our Sustainability Thematic Reports ("Tracking Waste", "Value to Energy", "In Good Water", "1000 Faces of Service", and "Building the Future Together") explore in depth to supplement our actions and our business, making them transparent to our stakeholders.

We have added to the collection a fifth report, focused on Objective 17 of the UN Agenda, the major international program for sustainable development: “Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.”. "Building the future together" is the title of the report, dedicated to the initiatives that involve Hera, citizens and communities.  
In addition, to further improve our corporate responsibility system, we have added new sections in the Sustainability Report that clearly outline the results for each of our service areas.


Page updated 15 February 2021


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