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Green Financing framework e opinion

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Green Financing framework e opinion

Hera has set out a list of project categories that may be selected to be financed through Green Bonds and Green Loans, on the basis of specific environmental criteria. The list has been checked by ISS Esg, in order to guarantee that the funds are correctly allocated. For each area of projects, a set of indicators has been defined that reflects the environmental benefits linked to each single initiative. 

This information is described within the Green Bond Framework, which contains:

  • the environmental targets expected to be reached through the Green Bond
  • the process involved in identifying the projects
  • a description of the macro-categories containing projects to be financed or refinanced
  • the process that ties the bond to the completion of the projects
  • a description of the methodology used to calculate the impact of the Green Bond

HERA has been awarded "Prime" status by ISS-Oekom for its sustainability profile and has been included among the best 6 Utility of their research.

Page update 29 June 2020

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