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Initiatives for employees

The Hera Group has always been close to its employees and has, for some time, offered them a series of non-work related cultural and recreational activities and discounts for events and shows, meant to favour socialising as well as promoting and stimulating interests and passions that enrich and increase their sense of belonging to the Group.

  • Cibo AmicoCiboAmico

    Meals prepared but not eaten in Hera canteens are not wasted thanks to the "CiboAmico" project. More than 2.7 tonnes of food were collected in 2017, equivalent to approximately 12,600 meals, for not-for-profit organisations which operate in the area helping people living in difficult circumstances with resulting social, economic and environmental benefits ranging from preventing the production of waste and the re-use of excess.

  • Porte apertePorte aperte

    In September and October 2018, the Porte Aperte (Open Doors) initiative will take place at plants for Hera Group employees and their family members: these guided tours of two Group plants are meant to favour awareness of the activities that represent the core of the company, beyond their day-to-day work, and also provide space for celebration with the participation of families. This is a new way to discover how strategic facilities such as water treatment and waste-to-energy plants work and learn about the technologies used, and also satisfy your curiosity by asking questions, with two different tours especially targeted adults and children, who will also participate in activities and workshops.



    Dieci anni. Dove sei, ci siamoHera over ten years

    A logo has been created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the company. It will appear next to the Hera Group brand throughout 2012. As part of the tenth anniversary celebrations, several internal initiatives have been launched in 2012, with a view to providing a sense of belonging and corporate identity. These include a vast publishing project with stories and pictures about life in the company.



    Kids at HeraKids at Hera

    Another initiative for the little ones is "Kids at Hera", held at company offices, providing an excellent opportunity for parents to bring their children into the office and have fun showing them where they work.

  • Hera CupAmongst our traditional initiatives, without a doubt the Hera Ski Adventure trophy (now in its XI edition) is one of the most popular. This is a great occasion to hit the slopes with colleagues and their families, and features a giant slalom race.

    The internal communication tools (the monthly HO, Hera intranet and VideoHera and the company TV channel) regularly devote sections to leisure-related topics: stories of interest, sport, culture, what's on, etc.

    Given the success in the previous editions, the “Summer centres” initiative, designed to support employees with childcare arrangements during school holidays, will take place again in 2018. The number of locations for 2018 has been increased and includes daytime summer centres in the various areas in which Hera operates and residential summer centres, where children can stay overnight, in various locations. The proposal, promoted by the  Diversity Management working party, to foster a healthy work/life balance, is part of the numerous existing Group corporate welfare initiatives.

    Finally, there is an online Noticeboard on the company intranet, which gives employees the opportunity to easily and instantly read and post private adverts and find special offers.

  • Hera Group's ClubsClubs in the various regions promote cultural, recreational, sporting and tourist activities, negotiate commercial partnerships and organise meals and social outings, Christmas parties, carnivals and sporting events. They also provide theatre passes and a library service.

  • WelfareHextra

    The year 2016 has seen the launch of HEXTRA, the integrated company welfare system for all Group companies, aligned with the company's culture and values and capable of boosting our employees' personal and family well-being from the economic and social perspective.

    The initiatives and services proposed during 2018 are classified within the following macro-categories:

    • Health and Healthcare
    • Insurance and Social Security
    • Educational support / Assistance for children
    • Individual Services
    • Well-being and Income Support
    • Hera Solidale

    The new Plan introduces a flexible welfare quota, or a “budget” that is the same for all employees, with which the company provides each person with the possibility of choosing from individual initiatives offered within the six macro-categories. For example, you can obtain a reimbursement for certain medical expenses incurred, supplement your contractual pension fund, purchase goods and services like a cinema/theatre pass, a gym membership or extra-professional training courses, and obtain a reimbursement for your children’s educational expenses.
    In addition, there is an additional per-capita investment for employees with school-age children, which provides an additional quota to be used exclusively for educational expenses, from the nursery to university.



    Hera Group nurseries respond to a policy which aims at helping reconcile the work-life balance of its employees, offering concrete provisions in conjunction with public bodies and other companies in the area in which the Group operates. All nurseries also make places available to the Municipality so that waiting lists for public nurseries are reduced.

    The criteria for allocating places, the definition of rates and the management of the service are the standard ones for the Municipality in which each individual nursery is located. Group employees pay identical rates to those of municipal nurseries and the company adds its own resources until the sum due to the provider is reached, in structures managed using the same quality parameters as public nurseries.


    Mense aziendaliCompany canteens

    The Group has seven company canteens that provide food service in the majority of its main offices. This is a sign of the concrete attention paid by the company to its employees, in order to increase their well-being at work.

    The company has established a volunteer body named the Canteen Commission, in which workers from a range of departments actively participate. The Commission meets periodically to inspect the canteens, to ensure continuous monitoring of the quality of the service and the raw ingredients used, as well as to evaluate the level of satisfaction of those who use the canteen by accepting reports and suggestions to best meet the needs of the company population. Aside from the Canteen Commission’s activities, inspections and spot checks are also carried out by an external certifying body.

    As part of a trial food education project offered by the Hera canteen operator, employees are able to request personalised advice from an expert dietician who will accompany them on their journey to good, healthy eating.


Page updated 29 August 2019

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