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Initiatives for employees

The Hera Group has always been close to its employees and has, for some time, offered them a series of non-work related cultural and recreational activities and discounts for events and shows, meant to favour socialising as well as promoting and stimulating interests and passions that enrich and increase their sense of belonging to the Group.

  • Guided tours of the facilities for employeesGuided tours of the facilities for employees

    In September and October 2019, the "Percorsi" in the heart of Hera initiative is planned to allow employees and their families to visit some of the Group's plants and spend a pleasant day together knowing even better the activities that make up the heart of the company.
    A new way to discover the functioning of strategic plants such as water purifiers and, this year, the Sant'Agata bio-refinery, an excellent plant for the transformation of organic waste into bio-methane.

  • Hera CupAmong the most appreciated historical initiatives undoubtedly the "Hera Ski Adventure trophy" (now in its twelfth edition), a great opportunity to meet in the snow for many colleagues and their families with a giant slalom race.

    The internal communication tools (the monthly HO, the intranet and VideoHera, the corporate TV) are regularly given space for news and columns dedicated to free time: curiosity, sport, culture, appointments, etc.

  • Hera Group's ClubsThe clubs of the various territories promote cultural, recreational, sporting and tourist activities, stipulate commercial conventions, organize dinners and social outings, Christmas and carnival celebrations, sports tournaments, also in collaboration with the company. They also offer theater passes and a book loan service.
    In collaboration and with the support of the Company, also in spring 2019, the BarcolHera & beach Games initiative organized: a weekend for colleagues and families with a sailing regatta and beach games (beach volleyball, beach tennis, table footballs etc.)

  • WelfareHextra

    In 2016, HEXTRA was launched, the integrated corporate welfare system for all Group companies consistent with corporate culture and values capable of increasing the individual and family well-being of employees from an economic and social standpoint.

    The initiatives and services proposed during 2018 can be classified within the following macro categories:

    • Health and Health Care
    • Insurance and Social Security
    • Educational support / Assistance for children
    • Individual Services
    • Well-being and Income Support
    • Hera Solidale

    The new Plan provides for the introduction of a flexible welfare quota, a "budget" equal for all employees with whom the company provides everyone with the possibility of composing their own choice of individual initiatives within the six macro categories identified. You can, for example, get reimbursement of some medical expenses incurred, supplement your contractual pension fund, purchase goods and services such as cinema / theater subscription, gym membership or extra-professional training packages and get a refund for the educational expenses of their children. In addition, an additional per capita investment is foreseen for employees who have children of school age, making available an additional quota to be used exclusively for educational expenses, from nursery to university.
    Hera's welfare offer continues to be enriched, with the introduction of new initiatives and opportunities to meet with employees and their families, with particular attention to the world of education. From 2018, university scholarships were introduced for the children of the most deserving employees and, from 2019, thanks to the collaboration with Intercultura, the project was enriched with scholarships for stays abroad.


    Mense aziendaliCompany canteens

    In most of the Group's main offices, a catering service is available with 7 company canteens. A concrete attention of the company towards employees that goes in the direction of increasing well-being at work.
    The company has set up the Mensa Commission (a voluntary body), in which workers from different structures actively participate; they meet periodically and carry out inspections in the canteens, with the aim of constantly monitoring the quality of the service, the raw materials used, and assessing the degree of satisfaction of the users, collecting reports and suggestions to better meet the needs of the company population. The activity of the Mensa Commission is flanked by inspections and sample checks by an external certifier.
    As part of an experimental food education project, offered by the Hera canteen manager, employees can request personalized advice from an expert dietitian who accompanies them on a healthy and correct dietary path.

    Consequent social, economic and environmental benefits, starting from the prevention of waste production and the reuse of surpluses.


Page updated 29 August 2019

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