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The Hera Group was formed in 2002 by the union of 11 public services companies in Emilia-Romagna. It operates in the environmental sector (where it is the leader in its domestic market) as well as the energy and water sectors. The value and passion of its workers are the most important of the many qualities that set it apart from its competitors. Advanced facilities, dedicated customer management, scientific research and protecting our environment: these are the things behind an ever-improving quality of service.

  • Acronym of Local Advisory Board, LAB is the tool that Hera makes available to the territories in which it operates to activate a structured listening and dialogue channel with local communities. In 2018, in the territories of Ravenna and Ferrara, the new HeraLAB model was launched, defined on the basis of the experience started in 2013. Simpler and more focused on innovation in the services managed by Hera, the new model envisages meetings concentrated in one year instead of three and more space for listening to stakeholders. Considering the six previous and new editions of LAB, as at 31 December 2018 a total of 98 meetings were held (over 2,100 hours of listening time) and the 69 members designed and proposed to Hera 68 new projects, 44 of which have already been completed.

  • Innovative plants conceived in a sustainable perspective, such as the biomethane production plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese (BO), inaugurated in October 2018, the flagship of Hera, the first multi-facility to build a plant of the category in Italy.
    In Forlì, on the other hand, there is the Regional Network of Remote Control Networks, which combines innovation and high technology at European level for the monitoring of the Hera Networks; the renewed analysis laboratories, which carry out applied research in the environmental field and aimed at improving the efficiency of the systems as well as protecting the environment and its resources. In June 2015 the new purifier of Rimini was inaugurated, the largest in Europe with membrane ultrafiltration technology: it is a highly innovative and cutting-edge structure which, thanks to an investment of almost 30 million euros (more than 40 if the works for the construction of the North Dorsal are counted), now it is able to serve 560 thousand equivalent inhabitants during the summer season and 370 thousand in the rest of the year. The intervention focused on the construction of a new purification line with ultrafiltration membranes, a storage tank of about 26 thousand cubic meters (almost the content of 10 Olympic swimming pools) and a final disinfection plant that eliminates bacteria and viruses.

  • With regard to the management of its customers, in 2007 Hera started the gradual restructuring of all its main branches with the aim of uniting the territorial rooting to the quality of the service and to the attention towards the person (just look at the waiting times average, attested to just over 9 minutes), to make the branches one of the distinctive features of the company. Hand in hand with the branches is the Group Call Center: in 2018 the average response time for residential customers decreased further, reaching 36 seconds (compared to 40 in 2016). With regards to Hera On Line services, the number of subscribers has reached 21% of the total, close to 350,000 customers. The increase in the electronic bill dispatching service, which involved over 523 thousand customers (+ 25% compared to 2017), continued to grow.

  • After the great success of the campaign “Eliminate the bill, give a tree to your city”, in collaboration with the Municipality of Modena, the More trees in the city project was launched, designed to promote urban forestation again through the greater use of citizens to ecological stations or collection centers. Thanks to this initiative, throughout 2018, Hera donated one tree to the city for every 50 new domestic Modena users who gave their separate waste to ecological stations. The Municipality of Modena, according to its urban green planning, directed planting towards the large green area of ​​the Chinnici Park. Thanks to the collaboration and commitment of the citizens, the objective of the initiative was reached and at the end of 2018 there were more than 150 trees donated to the city, with the last plantings scheduled between February and March 2019. In March 2019 the project was extended also to Ferrara.

  • But there are also other areas such as web communication and human resources in which Hera has achieved important results in recent years. In 2018, Hera ranked 2nd in the KWD Webranking ranking with 91.7 points, ahead of large companies such as generals, Mondadori, Telecom Italia TIM and ERG. Among the multi-utilities, Hera ranks second this year immediately after Eni. The Webranking analysis, carried out every year by Hallvarsson & Halvarsson in collaboration with the Corriere della Sera, evaluates the quality of online communication of the 100 largest Italian companies listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. In 2019 Hera obtained the Top Employers certification for the tenth consecutive year, carried out by CRF, positioning itself among the Italian companies with the highest standards of excellence in the field of human resources management.

  • Hera has always been actively involved in the field of environmental education, addressing the youngest, as evidenced by the numerous projects for primary, middle and high schools in Emilia-Romagna. Also this year the projects "A well of science", an event dedicated to the dissemination of scientific culture, and "The Great Machine of the world" have been proposed again, a project that includes the educational offer addressed to all school groups. In 2017-2018, over 106,000 students were involved. 2018 was also the year of the third edition of the HeraSolidale project, which collected over 57 thousand euros from Hera employees to support voluntary associations in the territories in which the company operates. With this project all workers can, through a monthly withdrawal of at least 1 euro directly from the pay packet, support the associations and their solidarity projects. Also noteworthy are some special initiatives related to Social Responsibility, such as "Cibo Amico”, “FarmacoAmico” and “Cambia il finale”.

Page updated 1 August 2019

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