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Here, with a simple click, you can have a general overview of the activities carried out by the business structures of the Hera Group.

  • Legal and Corporate

    Directs, oversees and manages legal and corporate affairs for the entire Hera Group, handling external legal relations for all business areas, litigation and corporate relations with Borsa Italiana and Consob. Also manages insurance policies for the entire Hera Group.

  • Personnel and Organisation

    Defines and implements Hera's personnel management, development and training policies, manages industrial relations and defines and implements corporate organisational structures, overseeing matters pertaining to organisational models, appraisal and incentive systems and instruments, and development programmes.

  • External Relations

    Defines the Group's strategies for internal and external communications and corporate relations, managing sponsorships, product, and corporate advertising content, overseeing media relations, planning internal and external events, and protecting and enhancing the Group's corporate identity, brand and image through the internet and traditional channels.

  • Relations with Local Authorities

    Establishes mechanisms for listening and dialogue with local authorities, aimed both at further improving the Group's ability to provide rapid and effective responses to emerging issues relating to activities of development and promotion of the territory, and at supporting the definition and maintenance of an environment conducive to the development of business initiatives.

  • Corporate Services

    Manages all Group Core Business services, with the aim of streamlining operations and improving effectiveness and efficiency. More specifically, it is responsible for activities relating to Procurement, Quality, Safety and Environment, Facilities Management, Billing and Payroll services.
    Also aims to monitor the market in these sectors in order to capitalise on any business opportunities (JVs, acquisitions, disposals, etc.).

  • Strategic Planning and Regulatory Affairs

    Supports senior management in defining the Group's multi-year business plan, as well as overseeing the regulatory framework, influencing development towards finding favourable solutions for the advancement of Hera, and ensuring communication and compliance with industry authorities and government institutions.

  • Investor Relations

    Defines and manages communication strategies and relations with investors, financial analysts and stock exchange authorities.

  • Internal Auditing

    Provides assurance and consultancy services with a view to assessing and improving corporate governance, risk management and control processes. Monitors the correct management of all types of corporate risks.

  • Administration, Finance and Control

    Defines and implements the Group's financial, budgetary, fiscal and capital policies, and oversees the planning and control of Hera's objectives, providing decision-making support to the business areas.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Defines and proposes guidelines for corporate social responsibility, prepares the sustainability report and oversees the Balanced Scorecard system.

  • Upstream Business and Asset Development

    Supports senior management in devising the Group's multi-annual business plan and developing its business portfolio, pursuing core business development options or potential access to other areas of business/initiatives by means of acquisitions, internal development or competitive tenders. Also responsible for managing the Group's position and commitments in energy management activities, supervising and coordinating the optimum use of energy sources, and ensuring that the Group's presence in energy sector upstream initiatives is safeguarded.

  • Central Markets Department

    Maintains current positions and finds new markets and business to develop the Group's core activities. Responsible for developing the Group's market activities by optimising procurement, facilities management and electricity and gas trading, as well as related services, and by maximising synergies between companies.

  • Hera Comm

    Hera Group company dedicated to selling electricity and gas.

  • Hera Trading

    Oversees procurement and wholesaling of natural gas and electricity on national and international markets.

  • Energy Networks

    Ensures the management of activities relating to gas and electricity distribution services and the district heating service in the territory of the Hera Group, pursuing business objectives in line with the sustainable development of the territory and the protection of its environmental resources.

  • Hera Luce

    Oversees a "global service" for more than 60 local municipalities, including the management of public lighting systems and traffic lights. Driven by technological innovation, professionalism, efficiency and reliability.

  • Water

    Ensures the management of activities relating to the integrated water service in the territory of the Hera Group, pursuing business objectives in line with the sustainable development of the territory and the protection of its environmental resources

  • Environmental Services

    Ensures the management of activities relating to environmental services in the territory of the Hera Group, pursuing business objectives in line with the sustainable development of the territory and the protection of its environmental resources.

  • Herambiente

    Implements and manages activities relating to treatment plants, energy and waste collection and waste disposal, pursuing a strategy of environmental protection and sustainability and investing in technologies to ensure development and transparency.

  • Innovation

    Promotes the development of measures aimed at improving existing operations or developing new business areas, including through full exploitation of the Forlì Research Centre, and oversees group-wide innovation projects. Identifies opportunities for participation in national / European tenders and any funded Italian or foreign partnership and research opportunities, in collaboration with the dedicated business structures and with the relevant central structures.
    Manages the Group's information systems and oversees their evolution, ensuring the integration of business requirements in the development of the applications and ensuring operability, accessibility and maintenance.
    Manages services across the different lines of business by promoting the achievement of technical/economic results and the enhancement of all related services. In particular, this includes the management of remote control unit and call centre activities for fluids and laboratories.

  • Acantho

    Develops local broadband telecoms and promotes innovative technology projects, with a range focusing on integrated telecoms (voice, data, internet, themed videos) and IT services provided using its own fibre-optic network and a high-tech data centre.

  • Engineering

    Sets guidelines relating to technologies and processes in the planning and management of works, developing both technical and operational standardisation projects with innovative proposals for technological and/or process development. Manages the design, implementation and extraordinary maintenance of large plants, i.e. waste-to-energy plants (new, modifications and upgrades), traditionally fuelled electricity and/or heat generating plants, special electricity grid plants, and generating plants using fuels from renewable sources.

  • Technical Customer Management

    Represents a global overview of the technical service provided to the final customer, identifying priority areas of improvement for the Group and managing activities associated with technical services directly related to end users in the territory of the Hera Group, across all the services offered.

  • Uniflotte

    Carries out maintenance and hiring activities for vehicles and equipment, both the Group's own and those belonging to third parties.


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Page updated 22 June 2019

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