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Training plays a fundamental role for the Group as an indispensable factor for personal professional growth and development, for the dissemination of corporate values and principles and, therefore, for the overall growth of the value of the business.

The Group model provides for the development of training activities in six areas:

  • Ethical values and Corporate culture;
  • Managerial Training;
  • Sales and Marketing;
  • Technical and operational skills;
  • Quality, Safety and Environment;
  • Information systems.

In 2018, approximately 251,055 hours of training were provided Group-wide, equal to 30 hours per capita with 99.4% of the company personnel involved in training activities.

The main initiatives of 2018 were:

  • Realization of the projects linked to the Leadership Model, to institutional training for middle managers and managers, and to the implementation of Smart Working;
  • Initiatives relating to information systems include training sessions on Geocall (the system developed to support network operation and maintenance activities) dedicated to resources operating in the General Operations Department, District Heating Department and AcegasApsAmga;
  • With regard to technical-professional training, of special note are all the initiatives planned and implemented within the professional Academies: training sessions regarding regulatory updates on the Tender Code with internal teaching by the Procurement and Tenders Department and implemented through ͞joint planning͟ by Academy-Procurement and Tenders and Academy-Engineering;
  • In the quality, safety and environmental area, of note is the start of the initiative Guido come vivo (e-learning), aimed at broadening aware driving culture;
  • Within the HER@futura programme, the overall change management plan was started. Specifically, the following were provided: training pills for the development of basic digital skills, using different approaches depending on company staff͛s digital propensity, and specific training initiatives for Middle managers and Managers;
  • In the field of institutional and management training, of note are the Leadership Model training activities, the organisation of the HerAcademy Workshop «Climate change: the global scenario and the strategic plans 257 of ecosystems and companies», especially aimed at steering considerations and dialogue, through scientific research prospects and long-term trends, on the impact of climate change, and the development of change management activities associated with the implementation of Smart working;
  • Moving on the ethical values and corporate culture, the Corporate Social Responsibility and Code of Ethics in day-to-day management seminar continued in 2018, now in its fourth edition, involving 25 individuals with the aim of explaining the importance of the ethical aspects in the day-to-day activities establishing an increasingly larger group of experts «informed» on the Code.
  • Total training hours per area ofintervention
    Sales and marketing15,72814,8749.638
    Quality, safety, environment, SA8000 social responsability66,74167,61274.459
    Information systems13,04423,93730.813
    Ethical values and corporate culture24,58723,90720.820

    The data refer to Hera S.p.A., Herambiente, Hera Comm, Hera Trading, Uniflotte, Famula on Line, Hera Luce and Acantho. Includes AcegasAps (limited to the following companies: AcegasAps S.p.A., AcegasAps Service, Estenergy, NestAmbiente, Societą Italiana Lining, Trieste onoranze e trasporti funebri) and Marche Multiservizi.

  • Hera is in first place among the 6 leading Italian multi-utilities considered in the comparative analysis between the main Italian utility companies carried out by Utilitatis in terms of training hours per capita delivered to workers. In 2018, Utilitalia published its first sustainability report which summarises the environmental performance of 127 Italian utility companies: Hera͛s 2017 result (28.6) is 90% higher than the average of the utilities considered (equal to 15).

Page updated 29 April 2020

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