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Employee Strategy

At Hera, our people are of central importance. As such, the Groupís human resources strategy is defined by the search for total integration between dealings with employees and business processes.

Our Knowledge Management model offers a guide for integrating organisational development, training and the development of potential. Its goals are to make learning processes more efficient, increase brand representation and spread knowledge, working in conjunction with technological and organisational changes.

Model strategic approach to human resources

Model strategic approach to human resources

How we do it

  • Process-based approach - designed to get the best out of cooperation between the businessís various departments and foster an integrated view of Group activities.

  • Culture of improvement - also through Lean Organisation, a systematic approach geared towards constant improvement.

  • Leadership Model - a set of guidelines designed to result in full implementation of corporate strategy.

  • Employer Branding - to foster loyalty among the Groupís talent base and attract/recruit potential candidates in accordance with the businessís needs and values.

  • Talent management - reconciling recruitment and development policies.

  • Key Roles - identifying the crucial roles for the achievement of corporate objectives, deploying particular skill sets and assigning significant responsibilities.

  • Coaching - to improve business performance and alignment with the Leadership Model.

  • Promoting Diversity - to develop an organisation that stimulates thriving and productive interaction between different groups, and to identify ways to improve intergenerational dialogue.

  • Corporate Uversity and Communities of Practice - to promote learning from within and outside the organisation, to help develop industry-leading competences and attitudes in the Group, and to share Ďbest practicesí and the companyís wealth of accumulated knowledge.

  • We continue to invest in employee satisfaction through our biannual climate survey, which we then use to draw up series of actions for improvement.

Page updated 20 July 2019

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