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Women staff (breakdown by position)
Middle managers28.8%29.2%30.3%30.7%32.4%
Total managers and middle managers25.9%26.9%28.0%28.0%29.6%
Management employees32.1%32.0%32.3%32.9%34.0%
Total managers, middle managers and management employees30.0%30.3%30.9%31.3%32.3%
Non-management employees41.1%40.9%40.7%42.0%41.9%
Total employees38.3%38.2%38.1%39.2%39.4%

The incidence of female staff among permanent workers is 24.3% in 2017 (28.2% in Hera Spa), compared to a national average in the energy-water-environmental sector of 15.9% (Eurostat 2014, last available data).

Among executives and managers, the incidence on the total is in line with last year and stands at 28.0%. Considering all the contractual qualifications provided for a managerial role (managers, middle managers and managerial staff), the percentage of women is 31.3% (41.1% in Hera Spa). 28% of women (39% in Hera Spa), in 2017, in career advancements (middle managers and managers) complete the picture on the roles of responsibility. Finally, with regard to the composition of the Board of Directors, full compliance with the provisions on gender balance according to the provisions of Law 120/2011 is given: the quota reserved for women is 1/3 of the current Board of Directors.

Personnel by age group
Under 302.1%2.9%2,7%4%4%
From 30 to 5054.6%52.1%48,8%47.6%44.5%
From 50 to 6043.3%45.0%43,6%43.4%46.2%
Over 60  4,9%5%5.1%

There are over 3,500 open-ended contract employees over 50 years of age. This figure is on the rise compared to 2013, thus confirming the increasing trend from 2012.


Page updated 29 April 2019

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REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
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