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Differencies matter


Gender, cultural and ethnic diversity are universally recognised as an asset to be valued and therefore should be managed in the best way possible, considering that the management of diversity must always be accompanied by the pursuit for equality. Feelings of equality and inclusion generate cooperative working behaviour and promote positive organisational coexistence, leading to the creation of a shared corporate culture.

In 2011, to further promote the development and diffusion of a company policy on equal opportunities and equality in the workplace, Susanna Zucchelli, General Manager of HERAtech, was appointed as Diversity Manager, with the aim of implementing a company policy focused on equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity.

The Diversity Manager is supported by a complementary and transversal work group, with members from the different company's organisational departments, with the aim of developing projects in collaboration with company management departments and simplifying and streamlining their procedures.

The mission of the Diversity Manger can be expressed in a number of broad goals:

  • The promotion of an inclusive culture that involves public and private entities and civil society, sharing best practices with regional institutions and businesses to consolidate the social network
  • Management support services and the promotion of diversity within the company
  • Optimisation of the role played by the Hera Group in the development of a culture that promotes diversity and seeks to achieve a positive work-life balance.

The diffusion of a culture of diversity, the introduction of time-saving initiatives aimed at a positive work-life balance, health, welfare and empowerment have all represented key issues in the project thus far. In spring 2017, an entertaining and engaging show by and with Alessandra Faiella was held, exploring the position of the contemporary woman in various social contexts from infancy to maturity, with a smile.
Hera's chosen Diversity Management topic for 2018-2019 will be disability, focusing on the well-being of disabled members of staff and sensitisation policies targeting all company employees.


Managing diversity means making the most of the unique contribution of each employee. Diversity of gender, culture and origin is now universally recognised as a positive value and must therefore be managed optimally, without forgetting that the management of diversity must go hand-in-hand with striving for equality, because feeling equal and included produces cooperative working behaviour and promotes an organisational coexistence that is favourable to a better sharing of the corporate culture.

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