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The group's development activity is consistent with its business strategies and values. We aim to allow our employees to maximise their potential so they can use their knowledge and skills to become a real competitive advantage for us.

We want to ensure that there is a broad range of expertise in the workforce, so we identify potential and key skills with a view to encouraging career progression.


Development Process

For some time now the HERA Group has structured several projects to guarantee the development and growth of its people. In 2015, it combined them into the Group Development Process.

Activities linked to the development of human resources represent strong tools to guarantee the strategy of continuous cultural evolution within the Group and to supplement short-term approaches by favouring medium and long-term growth and development as well. This is a strong lever for the creation of new ideas, process innovation and improvement in the quality of the products and services offered. To always be ready to face the new challenges of the regulatory and business environment, it is fundamental to invest in the creation of fertile and open work environments in which different teams can collaborate and influence each other.

Therefore, the establishment of the Development Process which involves evaluation, dialogue and enhancement of people can enable the Group to identify the different contribution that each individual can make to effectively face future challenges and the evolution of the business.

Within the Development Process, the performance dialogue phase is also meant to strengthen communication between managers and employees to favour the identification of individual strengths and areas for improvement, as well as the clear definition of the development actions to be implemented.

We call upon our managers to invest in the development of our people by providing constant feedback and engaging them in teamwork. We believe that this is the best way to reach challenging objectives and create a work environment where employees want to stay.


Developing potential

Potential development programmes have been running since 2008, with the aim of increasing and bringing out the best in the potential of our existing young employees.
This process involves a motivation and career-focused interview as well as two assessment and development centre days, during which an employee’s potential for professional growth is assessed.
Individual career progression plans are drawn up on the basis of the results, and the employees undergo training and development initiatives based on an annual plan of action.

Page updated 5 August 2019

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