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Hera Group’s activities, initiatives and projects leveraging the CE100 network, with the aim of overcoming challenges and exploring opportunities to make the transition to a circular economy faster.

Welcome CE100 - 12 October 2017 - Hera becomes part of the CE100 program
  • Definition of a CE100 Plan, with a presentation of the projects that Hera intends to put into effect in 2018.

    The main projects presented in the CE100 Plan for 2018

    Waste: unit pricing for 9% of the citizens served in Emilia-Romagna (up to 14% from Jenuary 2019), established on the basis of the principle that those who sort more waste and recycle more pay lower fees

    Energy: completion of the Sant’Agata Bolognese biorefinery, for the production of biomethane to be fed into the gas network, using the compost created from organic urban waste

    Water: Reuse and energy recovery from purification sludge, for later use in agriculture (through the production of biosulphate and compost soil improvers, substituting synthetic fertilisers) or valorised energy-wise through the production of biogas from anaerobic digestion.

    Hera furthermore participates in preparing the draft paper on water and circular economy, to be shared with the other members of the CE100 program.

    Farmacoamico project, to collect medicine that has not expired and distribute it to non-profit organisations.

    Ciboamico project, to recover meals not consumed in the Group’s canteens every day and distribute them to non-profit organisations providing assistance and care to underprivileged people in the areas served.

    Change the ending, for the collection and reuse of furniture and bulky waste that is still in good condition, in order to distribute it to needy people or non-profit associations.

  • Kickoff meeting in Bologna, with Joe Murphy, CE100 Network Manager, to introduce strategies for implementing CE projects and to identify global partners.

  • Hera becomes part of the CE100 program.

  • A working group is created, bringing together the Group's various departments and business areas, to finalise Hera's entrance within the CE100 program.

    The CE100 working group includes a considerable amount of diversity, as regards its members’ position and rank within the company, their training and education, and their age. The goal is not only to generate new ideas and a different point of view while creating projects to be developed in the area of circularity, but also to communicate this area’s ongoing initiatives  to a wide range of colleagues and suppliers as well as, on an even broader scale, all of the Group’s various stakeholders.

    Who is part of the CE100 group?

    Stefano Venier – Hera Group CEO

    Roberto Barilli – General Manager

    Cristian Fabbri – Hera Comm CEO

    Filippo Brandolini – Chairman Herambiente

    Andrea Ramonda – Herambiente CEO

    Carlo Andriolo – Aliplast CEO

    Maurizio Giani – Waste Recycling CEO

    Roberto Gasparetto – AcegasApsAmga General Manager

    Filippo Bocchi – Hera Spa CSR Manager

    Franco Fogacci – Water Manager

    Salvo Molè – Innovation Manager

    Massimo Vai – Strategic Planning, Regulatory and Local Authority Manager

    Susanna Zucchelli – Heratech Manager and Hera spa Diversity Manager

    Guglielmo Calabrese – Uniflotte Manager

    Claudio Anzalone – Asset and Technology Development Manager; Water Management

    Cecilia Bondioli – Hera Spa Relations with the Media and Publishing Manager

    Enrico Piraccini – Development Manager; Innovation Manager

    Gianluca Principato – Group Sustainability Report Editor

    Linda Botta – Marketing Manager Herambiente

    Marzia Faggioli – Investor Relations, Financial Communications, ESG

    Micaela Maini – Web Communications and Visual Identity Manager

    Stefano Amaducci – Environmental Services Technical Coordination and Innovation Manager

    Stefano Verde – Strategic Planning Manager

    Federico Foschini – Environmental Technical and Innovative Support

    Gaelle Ridolfi – Sustainability Specialist

Sustainability in Hera Group
Sustainability in Hera Group
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