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Management system

What is a Management System?

A management system is defined as a set of correlated or interacting elements for establishing policies and objectives and for achieving those objectives. It covers the organisational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources.

Why have a management system?

  • It can provide a structure for continuous improvement and increase the likelihood of satisfying customers and other stakeholders;
  • it gives the organisation and its customers confidence, and is capable of providing products/services that systematically meet the requirements agreed upon or defined by the company;
  • all the different parts of an organisationís management system can be integrated into a single system, together with the quality, safety and environment management system, using common elements. This can aid planning, resource allocation, the identification of additional objectives and the assessment of the organisationís overall efficiency.

Heraís choices

Hera has made a strategic choice to integrate the QSE system into the Governance framework and, in particular, to create strategic synergies with the Internal Auditing and Risk Management system: the integrated QSE management system is thus regarded as a reference architecture for integrating systems and for implementing principles and values within the organisation. In this context, the assessment and proper management of business risk requires the correct identification of processes and their interpretation on a systematic basis.

In the integrated QSE management system implemented by the Hera Group, the stakeholders play a significant role in defining the elements that go into the processes.

Defining the QSE objectives is an integral part of the process of creating the Balanced Scorecard.

All of this makes it possible to carry out regular and systematic assessments of the appropriateness, adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the overall management system with respect to the policies and objectives, and the review that follows includes an evaluation of the need to adapt the policy and objectives to the changing needs and expectations of the stakeholders.


Page updated 21 July 2017

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