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Policy for Quality, Safety, Environment, and Energy

Hera Group intends to pursue a multi-business growth strategy focused on its three core business areas – Waste Management, Energy and Water Services – and based on its values: Sustainability, Territoriality, Cost Reduction, Reliability, Growth Targets, Excellence, Risk Management, Innovation, and Stakeholder Focus.

This Policy, in line with our Mission, Values and Strategy, defines a set of principles to be implemented and translated into balanced objectives to achieve sustainable growth over time, that we will monitor and review periodically to ensure they are always in line with the Group's context. The policy has been inspired by the values and principles of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

The Hera Group is committed to:

  • Constantly analyse changes to our operating environment, identifying its threats and seizing its opportunities, so as to maximise the desirable effects and prevent or mitigate those that are adverse;
  • Recognise top management as the linchpin of implementation of this policy within our business strategies, to ensure that we achieve the objectives we have identified;
  • Carefully and continuously monitor our compliance with requirements, to prevent crimes in the areas of quality, environment, energy, data and information security, and health and safety, taking advantage of any opportunities for improvement;
  • Promote initiatives that pursue excellence, to improve our services, the agility of our corporate processes, and the degree of satisfaction of our customers and the community through rapid decision-making and flexible allocation of resources;
  • Pursue, aware of the crucial importance of doing so, the responsible management of natural resources and the implementation of solutions aimed at protecting the environment, preventing and reducing the environmental impact of our business for the benefit of present and future generations;
  • Prevent and minimise risks to the health and safety of our workers, by adopting effective measures to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases, and to reduce any harmful consequences for all our staff, suppliers and community;
  • Increase efficiency through innovation and technology in order to achieve savings and optimise performance, experimenting with new solutions;
  • Promote, as a basis for success, the development of the skills of all our staff, raising their awareness and motivating them to improve their sense of responsibility, the understanding of their role and the adaptability of their abilities to better respond to the context and organisational structure;
  • Stimulate dialogue and debate among all stakeholders, taking into account their concerns, setting up appropriate participatory mechanisms and clearly disclosing the company’s vision, to create shared value;
  • Encourage cooperation among our business units and the adoption of joint strategies, in order to identify emerging opportunities and create fresh values among the Group’s companies;
  • Educate young people on the values of responsibility and of developing a new sensitivity towards the environment and society.

To achieve all this, the Board of Directors of Hera S.p.A. recognises as a strategic choice the adoption of a management system for quality, safety, the environment and energy that covers the entire value chain of products and services provided (production, facilities, plants, distribution, logistics), including the sustainable management of resources, the procurement from suppliers and service providers. The management system is extended to joint ventures and embedded in the due diligence process in the case of mergers and acquisitions.

The Executive Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer are engaged in the respect and implementation of the commitments contained in the above Policy, by ensuring and periodically checking that it is made operational, reviewed, disseminated among all our people and that it is transparent to all stakeholders.


Page updated 31 May 2019

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Sustainability and Shared value