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Safety is not a game

This project, more than any other, aims to intervene on the culture of employee safety, both in the workplace and elsewhere, through the creation of an interactive game that tests employees' awareness of safety issues.

In 2012 the animated software, which was designed especially for the Hera Group, involved all employees, who found themselves in the shoes of a virtual character dealing with different situations (work, home, road) at different times of the day. The participants tested their safety awareness by answering questions and solving puzzles to be tackled by following safe behaviour.

The participation of the employees, divided into teams coordinated by their manager as facilitator, involved taking a pre-test and a final test to determine how the exercise had changed their risk awareness.

The first phase of the project was devoted to creating the game and training the facilitators. The second phase consisted of the progressive involvement of all employees of the Hera Group, who were tested on their ability to solve problems relating to a potential danger.


Page updated 21 July 2017

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