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DNV certification with ISRS8 (International Safety Rating System) at Hera

ISRS8 is not just an assessment methodology, but a powerful kit of knowledge, tools and services for a structured approach to improvement and change in Quality, Safety and Environment.

This is a structured approach that is useful for:

  • ensuring the health of key processes;
  • driving continuous improvement;
  • ensuring effective risk management.

The aim of this project is to:

  • objectively evaluate the level of implementation of the QSE Guidelines;
  • measure the performance of the QSE management systems applied by the Business Units and companies of the Group;
  • provide Hera's management with the results of the assessments carried out as a "platform" for defining measurable improvement objectives;
  • measure the progress of improvement plans.

The benefits that derive from the adoption of this approach are:

  • measuring, improving and demonstrating the implementation of the QSE Guidelines by the Business Units and companies of the Group;
  • knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the QSE management systems of the Business Units and companies of the Group;
  • sharing good QSE practices within Hera;
  • maximising the effectiveness of the ISRS assessments carried out by joint teams consisting of DNV and Hera QSE personnel;
  • benchmarking of QSE performance in the Business Units and companies of the Group;
  • obtaining QSE information to support managerial decisions;
  • optimising internal QSE assessment activities.

Page updated 21 July 2017

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