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Scientific Research: Work-Related Stress

The aim of the project is to evaluate work-related stress according to two methods, one objective and one subjective. Based on the legal requirements, these methods form an evaluation that uses the individual's sociological and psychological factors as its prime elements.

The first method involves the compilation of a check-list, with the collaboration of employee safety representatives, and makes it possible to evaluate the presence of sentinel events that indicate the possible existence of stress risk situations; the second method, meanwhile, involves the conduct of an in-depth investigation, by submitting a questionnaire drawn up with reference to the scientific literature on the subject, to examine the real possibility that there may be workers behind the sentinel events who are exposed to work-related stress.

Check-lists are in place for the first method, including the one proposed by INAIL (formerly ISPESL), which, albeit not validated at national level, are nevertheless recognised and accepted. For the second method, however, there are currently no sufficiently well tested and recognised tools.

The aim of the project is therefore to apply the first, objective method in order to detect the presence of stress-causing factors within homogeneous groups of employees, paying particular attention to the sociological and psychological factors mentioned above. The preparation of the questionnaire to be used in the second phase will take place through the gradual submission of a final test to large numbers of the Group's employees. The analysis and verification of the test results will make it one of the most significant bodies of research at European level, and one of the first scientific studies of work-related stress at national level, and thus a powerful asset.


Page updated 21 July 2017

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