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The charter of values

Ethic Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Personal responsibility
  • Coherence


In its external and internal relations, Hera is a company whose actions are guided by considerations of correctness , honesty, fairness and impartiality in all its dealings. By sharing these principles, Hera establishes enduring relationships with its customers and suppliers, overall transparency in its dealings with third parties, and appropriate and fair-minded compensation for the work of its collaborators (Proud to be a honest, loyal group of people).


Hera is committed to keeping all stakeholders fully informed as to all actions at every corporate level. It shall provide this information fully, with all due clarity, in a timely manner. Hera sees transparency as a means of adopting management instruments conducive to dialogue with stakeholders with a view to meeting information and knowledge needs relative to the economic, social and environmental impacts of corporate activities (Clear and honest messages to all stakeholders).

Personal responsibility

Working for Hera means commitment to building relationships of trust with colleagues, and, more generally, with all stakeholders. Actions for the achievement of company objectives must be undertaken in a spirit of loyalty and efficacy, with each individual fully aware of the nature of his/her duties and responsibilities (Committed to the good of the company).


Everyone who works for Hera, at every level, is called upon to implement the Mission, Values and operating principles of the company on a daily basis, in every action taken. These are the foundations of strategic planning, company goals and operational management (Living up to our Mission and Values).

Page updated 21 July 2017

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