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Business purpose


  • Hera's business purpose: creating value with a multi-stakeholder approach
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Creation of value and social and environmental responsibility
  • Service quality and excellence
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation and ongoing improvement
  • Engagement and optimisation of personnel
  • Empowerment to choose

Hera's business purpose: creating value with a multi-stakeholder approach

Since its establishment in 2002, Hera created an effective network of public and primary services, with an efficient and industrial approach.
The business purpose is to implement the original aggregation and synergy model, which the Group has pursued through a constant geographic expansion, thus leading to a continuous value creation with a multi stakeholder approach and maintaining its leader role in the reference sector through the years

Creation of value and social and environmental responsibility

Hera is committed to combining the creation of economic and social value with satisfying the legitimate expectations of all those with whom it has dealings: customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, institutions and local communities. Hera considers compliance with the principles of social responsibility a key element in its efforts toward sustainable development (Being a company that is built to last, to help improve society and the environment for future generations).

Service quality and excellence

Customer satisfaction is a fundamental element for the growth of a group that wishes to be considered as a solutions provider, capable of understanding client needs and guaranteeing top-quality services. It is Hera's daily Mission to supply consistent and reliable responses to the expectations of its customers. Hera's organisational resources, professional approach and business culture are the outcome of its focus on listening to customers and serving their needs (Putting customers first, working to deserve their trust).


Hera is committed to pursuing its objectives quickly and efficiently through the application of the principle of optimisation across the board, from the management of human resources to the financial and technological resources used (Making the most of available resources).

Innovation and ongoing improvement

Hera aims to introduce at various organisational levels all those aspects of innovation that are both "useful and possible" in the areas of technology, organisation, management and process. Hera is determined to work every day toward the concrete improvement of its operations and services, encouraging an attitude of changing for the better (Feeling like part of a team that generates ideas and improves things).

Engagement and optimisation of personnel

Hera is committed to making the most of everyone's experience and developing their skills, to promoting cooperation and the exchange of knowledge, so that work becomes a source of satisfaction and pride for people, as well as an important factor for the success of the business. Conduct in keeping with the company Mission and core Values will be rewarded, and dialogue will be encouraged so as ensure the circulation of information and the feeling of belonging to a united and integrated group (Sharing knowledge to improve both oneself and the company).

Empowerment to choose

In pursuing its Mission, Hera will select business areas and development strategies to increase corporate value and market competitiveness. Differentiation on the basis of merit will be the guiding principle behind the recognition of the workforce (Choosing the most useful solution for growth).


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