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Fabrizio Mazzacurati

Engineering Manager - HERAtech S.r.l.


Born in Bologna, Italy, in 1963. Degree in Nuclear Engineering, Master in Business Administration.

Following two years' experience as a scholarship researcher at the Technical Physics Institute of Bologna University's Engineering Faculty, he continued his career at Cefla Imola as Project Engineer. In 1991 he joined Siet S.p.A., based in Piacenza, as Plant Development Manager in the intrinsic safety (IS) nuclear reactor field.

In 1993 he joined Seabo S.p.A. as Energy System Project Manager, later occupying positions of greater responsibility with a focus on engineering and maintenance. During this period he gained experience as a member of the Board of Directors of Cogen S.r.l. and in 2001 became Operational Services Manager of the Energy Division.

Following Seabo's merger into Hera S.p.A., in November 2002 he was appointed Gas Manager for the Bologna area.

In January 2003 he became Energy Manager of Hera Bologna S.r.l., and in April of the same year he was appointed Grids/Networks Manager.

In January 2010, following suppression of the Local Operating Companies (SocietÓ Operative Territoriali) and their incorporation in Holding Hera SpA, he was appointed Grids/Networks Manager of the Bologna Operations Unit and was responsible for organizing and managing engineering, maintenance and emergency services regarding water and energy services in the province of Bologna as per relative guidelines. His remit was to rationalise operations, improve efficiency and efficacy and to develop, for Local Operations Unit Management, activities aimed at determining the attribution of revenues. His task was also to liaise with other Hera S.p.A. departments as regards pricing management and relations with local bodies/authorities.

In January 2011, following the evolution of the Group's organisational and corporate structure, he was appointed Grids/Networks Technical Coordination Manager of the Hera S.p.A. Operational Sectors Management.

In January 2013 he became Engineering Manager in the Technology and Development Management field.

In April 2014 he joined Hera S.p.A. Engineering Management as Grid/Network Systems Engineering Manager and then Process Engineering Manager.

On 1st January 2017, following consignment of the company branch concerning Hera S.p.A. engineering services, he was appointed Planning Manager within the HERAtech S.r.l. Engineering Management field.

On 1st September 2017 he was appointed Director of Engineering of HERAtech S.r.l. His task is to represent the engineering services in a unified manner, overseeing technical know-how and management of the Hera Group's plant and grid/network engineering design, project management, execution, works management, maintenance and testing activities. He also has the task, within his assigned field, of defining and achieving Annual and Multi-annual Plan goals, identifying any corrective action in the event of deviation and bettering services in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

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