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Salvatore Molè

Group Manager - Innovation

Salvatore Molè

Salvatore Molè - Born in Naples in 1970, Mr Molè has a degree in mechanical engineering, an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, USA and a Research Doctorate in industrial plants from the University of Naples Federico II.

He began his career in 1994 as Head of Production Plant Maintenance at Unilever in Caivano, in charge of drawing up maintenance policies and managing operating units and offices. After working as an organisational analyst at Network Consulting Group (1995-1998), he joined Bain & Company Italia as a consultant, working in the industrial sector to reorganise staff and line areas, develop business plans, improve operations and recover efficiency, optimise processes, and define and implement post-merger implementation programmes.

Between 2004 and 2008 he was a manager at Bain & Company, handling energy and utilities consultancy projects and clients: supporting top management in the revision of corporate strategy policies, assessment of alliances and mergers, optimising and improving the efficiency of operations and evaluating new business opportunities.

In 2008, he joined the Dufenergy group, first as General Manager of EHS S.r.l., a water and hydroelectric company, then as Head of Business Development at Dufenergy Italia S.p.A. with responsibility for assessing, developing and managing the group’s investment projects in the energy sector: traditionally fuelled power plants, solar power plants, hydroelectric plants, energy imports and energy trading.

Mr Molè joined the Hera Group in April 2010 as Manager of Operating Industries, charged with coordinating the group’s targets and ensuring that they are met in gas distribution, water cycle, electricity distribution, district heating and environmental services, identifying any necessary improvements should it fall short. He also prepares the Hera Group Operations Department’s annual and multi-year infrastructure development programme in cooperation with that department and oversees updates to the compliance programme in accordance with AEEG guidelines. In doing this for the independent system operator, he takes care of transmission and presentation requirements, as well as communicating any changes to the compliance programme.

Since January 2013, following the reorganisation of General Operations, he was appointed Manager of Technologies and Development.

From 28 April 2014, following the definition of the new basic organisational structure of the Hera Group, he was appointed Group Manager of Innovation and is in charge of developing industrial process innovation initiatives, with a special focus on project innovation and the engineering of new plant and production models. He is also in charge of remote control activities and analysis laboratories, the development of IT systems and activities relating to telecommunications through the subsidiary Acantho S.p.A. and the management of public lighting and traffic light systems through the subsidiary company Hera Luce.

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