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Stavros Papageorgiou

CEO Hera Trading Srl - ad interim District Heating Director

Born in Faenza (Ravenna) in 1972, holds a degree in Biological Sciences, a PhD in Biochemistry and a Masters in Business Administration from the Alma Mater University of Bologna in 2001.

Following his PhD, he joined the Boston Consulting Group in 2001 where he was mainly involved in projects relating to the electricity market.

From January 2002 he collaborated with Ami S.p.A. as a consultant with responsibility for developing and implementing a variety of projects including: segmentation of the electricity and gas markets, valuations for acquisitions and mergers, due diligence.

From November 2002 he worked in the Sales and Marketing Division of Hera S.p.A. as Head of Gas Procurement with responsibility for devising the Energy Risk Management model.

In June 2005 he moved to Hera Trading, a Hera Group company that manages the production, procurement, importing, purchase, sale and exporting of natural gas and electricity and every other energy product or form of energy. He went on to become Head of the Gas Area and Risk Management.

From April 2012 to June 2013 he was Market Operations Director, still at Hera Trading.

In July 2013 he was appointed COO of Hera Trading and is responsible for developing, monitoring and evaluating the fuel, gas and electricity trading portfolio and environmental certificates developing strategies consistent with the assigned targets and risk policies, guaranteeing operations in regulated and non-regulated markets and monitoring credit exposure to third parties.

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