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Roberto Gasparetto

General Manager- AcegasApsAmga S.p.A

Roberto Gasparetto

Born in Rovigo in 1957, Mr Gasparetto holds a degree in civil engineering and hydraulics.

In 1983 he worked as a technical designer at Idroser; in 1986 he was hired by Acquedotto Consorziale di Rovigo as Assistant Technical Director.

From 1988 to 1996 he first held the post of Technical Coordinator for project management at Idroser Public Agency – Bologna Region Environmental Policy Agency, and was then promoted to Director of Operations.

In 1996 he was appointed General Manager at the Special Consortium Company for the Middle Po Delta Aqueduct. From 1998 to 2002 he was Chief Engineer at the municipality of Rovigo; in 2002 he was General Manager at ASM Rovigo; from 2002 to April 2004 he was Chief Executive Officer at Se.T.A. S.p.A.; and in April 2004 he was General Manager at Agea S.p.A. in Ferrara. After Agea’s merger with Hera S.p.A., he was subsequently appointed General Manager at Hera Ferrara S.r.l.

In January 2006 he was named General Manager at Hera Modena S.r.l., and during 2007 he was the interim Chief Executive Officer at SAT and SATCOM when they merged into Hera Modena S.r.l.

From January 2008, he was in charge of ensuring the provision of the following local services: water cycle, energy distribution (gas, district heating, electricity), waste collection, street cleaning and customer management.

In January 2010, following changes to the corporate structure of the territorial operating companies and their merger into the Hera S.p.A. holding company, Mr Gasparetto was appointed Manager of the Modena Local Area Operations Business Unit, and tasked with the management and organisation of activities pertaining to Hera Group services in the local area, with the aim of setting and achieving economic targets by striving for a more effective and efficient service.

In May 2013, following the merger of Hera S.p.A. and Acegas-Aps, he was appointed General Manager of Acegas-Aps S.p.A., a Hera Group company which operates in the management and distribution of water resources, the distribution and sale of gas and electricity, the production of electricity, the collection and treatment of waste, and many other services: funeral services, public lighting, cable laying for telecommunications, district heating, facility management, pipe relining and integrated water service plant management.

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