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Paolo Cecchin

Production Manager, HERAmbiente S.p.A.

Born in Florence in 1962, he holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He began his career in 1989 as developer and contractor, then joining the Ansaldo Group in 1990 where he held various positions in design, construction and management of waste recovery, treatment and disposal plants with a special interest in Waste to Energy (WTE).

Specifically, he was involved in all stages leading to the industrial operation of a plant: from the preparation of tender projects to the launch, testing and industrial operation phases.

He left the group in 1996 to take up the role of Project Manager at a multinational company of the Knorr Bremse group, later returning to the Ansaldo Group in 1998 where he stayed for a further three years with responsibility for the area for the launch and management of WTE plants.

After a spell at the Falck Group as Head of Waste to Energy plants for the Central-Southern region, he joined the Hera Group in 2002 taking up the position of Operations Director of FEA and later became C.O.O. of Ambiente 3000 srl.

In July 2009, when the Environment Division was spun off into HERAmbiente S.p.A., a leading Italian company in the waste disposal industry, he was Head of Waste to Energy Plants within the scope of the HERAmbiente Production Department.

From 2010 he was Production Director and was in charge of coordinating the management of the waste treatment plants extending right across all of the sectors covered overseeing the optimisation of effectiveness and efficiency and supervising compliance with authorisations and regulations.

Within his business area, he has held and still holds offices on the Boards of Directors of Hera Group companies, such as Ambiente 3000, Energonut, Nuova Geovis, Romagna Compost and Enomondo.

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