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Mauro Tiviroli

Chief Executive Officer Marche Multiservizi S.p.A.

Oriano Sirri

Mauro Tiviroli, born in Grizzana Morandi (BO) in 1953, has a degree in political sciences.

After acquiring vast experience in public administration as Chief Accountant of the municipality of Loiano from 1974 onwards, and then as Administrative Director of the same municipality from 1982, he joined Acoser Bologna as Head of Corporate and General Affairs.

Following the merger of Acoser into Seabo S.p.A. Bologna, he was appointed Head of Corporate and General Affairs.

Since September 2002 he has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Aspes Multiservizi S.p.A. in Pesaro, where he is responsible for managing integrated water cycle, gas distribution, environmental hygiene, ecology and public lighting services.

Between November 2002 and September 2003, following the merger of Seabo into Hera S.p.A., he acted as Head of Developing Local Companies.

From October 2003 to February 2006, he was General Manager of Hera Rimini S.r.l. with responsibility for the following local services: water cycle, waste collection, street cleaning and customer management. He also held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Aspes Multiservizi during that time.

In 2007 he oversaw the merger by incorporation of Megas S.p.A. of Urbino into Aspes Multiservizi S.p.A. in Pesaro to create Marche Multiservizi S.p.A., the Marche region's leading multi-utility company in terms of both business volumes and physical size, thus performing the first regional merger between local public service companies.

Since January 2008 he has been Chief Executive Officer of Marche Multiservizi S.p.A., in charge of managing integrated water cycle services, methane distribution and environmental hygiene services in almost all the municipalities of the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

In 2012 he oversaw the merger by incorporation into Marche Multiservizi of the company operating in the municipality of Falconara Marittima (AN), thereby completing the region's first inter-provincial merger, which was begun in 2009.

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