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Giuseppe Gagliano

Group Director of External Relations

Giuseppe Gagliano

Born in Rome in 1963 with a degree in law. Prior to joining Hera, he held the following posts: press officer at SIP (appointed in 1991); head of the international press office and then head of international corporate operations at Telecom Italia S.p.A. (1996); head of the press office at Acea S.p.A. in Rome (2000); and head of media and publishing relations at Trenitalia S.p.A. (2003). Since 2005, he has been Hera Group's head of external relations, charged with drawing up, implementing and managing corporate communications, product and media relations strategies, and with managing advertising, events, brand, corporate identity, internet and internal communications.

Since January 2010, as part of changes to the group's corporate structure and organisational changes to territorial communication activities and structures, Mr Gagliano has been Group Director of External Relations. He is responsible for drawing up the groupís strategies for internal and external communications and corporate relations, managing sponsorship and product and corporate advertising content, overseeing media relations, planning internal and external events, and protecting and enhancing the groupís corporate identity, brand and image through the internet and traditional channels.

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