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Ten Years Logo

Ten Years Logo

The Hera Group was created in 2002 following the union of 11 public services companies in Emilia Romagna. It continued to grow in the region over the following years, acquiring Agea of Ferrara in 2004 and completing the first Italian merger between listed multi-utilities by acquiring Meta in 2005.

To mark the company’s tenth anniversary, a logo has been created to accompany the Hera Group trademark until the end of 2012. The new logo will appear alongside the corporate logo to create a symbol that represents the company and redefines its visual identity, conscious of the value added offered by this opportunity. The company’s 10th anniversary is a chance to launch a series of initiatives aimed at creating cohesion and a sense of belonging among all the Group's employees, further enhancing the expertise of all those that have contributed to its creation and development.


Page updated 6 August 2018

Together to build the future
Insieme per costruire il futuro
Together we can make the difference!
Insieme per fare la differenza!
Sustainability and Shared value