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Stile and indentity

The Style Manual groups together all visual identity elements that serve to represent the company in all forms of corporate identity.

Managing the corporate image of a company requires, in itself, a strategic integrated communications project. Image is vital to the way a company presents itself and its continuous tweaking and adaptation is therefore essential.
A ‘Style Manual’ therefore not only covers what can commonly be defined as “corporate image”, but also establishes the “guiding language" that a company applies. This provides value added to all of the company’s activities, not just because it gathers them together but because it contributes to strengthening the social significance of a company, attracting more attention.

The aim of a “Style Manual” is not only to identify standard graphic/functional elements but to establish the criteria and rules for the application of visual identity elements. The Manual therefore constitutes an integrated communications tool designed to outline the company’s modus operandi in terms of its image.

A style and identity manual

The 2005 ‘Visual Identity Manual’ outlined the importance of the systematic use of the company logos in all their forms, in all the various guises of the multi-utility.

The Style Manual was introduced in 2007 with the aim of defining the key ‘style’ and ‘identity’ features required to transmit an integrated and singular Hera Group image. Two spheres of action were identified.

The key elements of the corporate identity

This section brings together, classifies and identifies the uses of all style elements that contribute to defining the ‘look’ and identity of company printed materials: Paper/Print formats/Lettering and layout models/Colours/Layout of logo/Hera Group logotype.

Identity system for company printed materials

Business, customer and employee relations are three overlapping spheres that require a consistent style and identity. In this section a number of models applicable to forms, printed materials and information materials used in communications with clients and employees have been designed and made available: Company headed notepaper/Service announcements/Series of publications on the plants/Internal communications/Commercial materials and contract forms/Printed materials for customers/General information/Corporate communications.

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  • Alcune immagini tratte dal Manuale di Stile
    Some images from the style manual
  • Alcune immagini tratte dal Manuale di Stile
    Images from the style manual
  • Alcune immagini tratte dal Manuale di Stile
    Some images of the style manual

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