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Fifteen-year logo

15 anni

2002-2017: 15 years of history encapsulated in a logo

How is it possible to condense the history of the Hera Group in a logo that is both structurally simple and, at the same time, effective at transmitting values and emotions? This was the question we asked ourselves as we sought to give appropriate emphasis to an important milestone: our 15th anniversary, which we celebrate on 1 November 2017.
To achieve our aim we began with the three colours that have always symbolised our services: magenta for energy, light blue for water and green for the environment. We used them to compose the number "15", which is slightly slanting in order to express the dynamism with which we are associated and our focus on excellence and the future.
Those with a sharp eye may also spot the rounded nature of the "5", a reference to the circular economy, a new paradigm of development to which our Group is heavily committed with the goal of increasing the shared value enjoyed by the company, society and the environment.
The 15-year logo will accompany the Hera Group logo for all of 2018.


Page update 6 August 2018

Together to build the future
Insieme per costruire il futuro
Together we can make the difference!
Insieme per fare la differenza!
Sustainability and Shared value