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Logo and identity

Hera is a multi-utility company that provides primary services to 2 million customers. Thanks to its growth strategy, since 2002 the Group has doubled in size and in terms of its business results with the arrival of new partners and the creation of new companies.

In order to promote the unique features of its business model in the most effective way, the brand architecture comprises a single, strong and recognisable logo that can be slightly modified according to the specific nature of the company.

In terms of communications, the Hera Group logo is therefore the cornerstone of the Group’s visual identity and the inspiration for most of its brands: Herambiente and Hera Comm above all.

Where the name does not contain an explicit reference to “Hera”, as in the case of Uniflotte, theHelvetica font and the chosen colours – magenta for energy, green for the environment and light blue for water – have the task of expressing the distinctive traits of the company's personality and evoking its association with the Group.


Logo and visual identity manual

There are many reasons why a company adopts a visual identity system.

The main reason is that the consistent application of a logo helps to precisely define the company’s identity and represents a key element of communication.

A corporate identity also has a secondary function: it identifies company personnel and vehicles, it helps in external relations, and it characterises communication initiatives.


It also contributes to the running of the company to some extent.

An application manual therefore meets numerous requirements: it outlines the basic elements of the corporate identity in an organic way; it enables personnel to use it properly; it also demonstrates the company’s approach to communications externally.

The Hera logo was created in the autumn of 2002 by Dutch graphic designer Bob Noorda (who has also designed many other well-known logos like those of Enel, Pirelli, Eni, Rinascente and the Milan metro).

The Hera Group Corporate Identity system was launched in 2003 and continues to grow hand-in-hand with the development of the company; the Manual provides the guidelines for the application of the visual identity in the company’s main sectors. In 2007 the Style Manual was also introduced.


A few words about the Hera–Holding Energia Risorse Ambiente logo:

“With its incisive and original name, the new holding company requires an easily identifiable image.
We focused on the idea of combining a symbol and text in a single logo. Special work was carried out on the text to express the company’s modern outlook; the four slanting letters, which gradually become thinner, express dynamism.


The symbol clearly expresses three elements:
Energy – Resources – Environment which symbolically flow into the word Hera.
The colours – red for energy, blue for water and green for the environment – help to express this brand/logo.”
Bob Noorda, November 2002

  • Bob Noorda
    Bob Noorda

    (Amsterdam, 15 July 1927 - Milan, 11 January 2010) Bob Noorda studied and worked in Amsterdam in a rationalist environment before coming to Italy in the 1960s. He designed the signage for the Milan Metro (winning the Compasso d'Oro award) and other cities across the world. He played an active role in the evolution of graphics in Italy, also thanks to his association with the Triennale di Milano. He worked for Pirelli and La Rinascente.

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  • Typeface
    Max Miedinger

    The Helvetica typeface was designed in the early '50s by Max Miedinger, who had been commissioned by Swiss type foundry Haas to come up with a more modern version of the Akzidenz typeface. Thanks to its simple form, great clarity, compactness and adaptability (it has 34 different versions), the Helvetica typeface is an excellent communications tool, borne out by the fact that it remains the most widely-used linear typeface.

    Alfabetico Helvetica

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