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The Hera Group in the Territory

In Hera, loyalty and grassroots support for the publicly-owned company in its own area have become a distinctive feature. The Groupís business model concentrates the strategies and activities from which it can gain economies of scale in the holding company and entrusts the group companies and territorial operating structures with the task of maintaining and reorganising practical operations, which require a constant relationship with customers and efficient services.

Customer served in the local areas*

*(Source: 2018 FR and 2018 SR)

Customers served in the local areas

In order to consolidate the strong links in the area in which it operates, the Group has introduced the post of Area Manager, appointed to facilitate relations with the reference areas. For more information, take a look at the Heralab website.

  • AcegasApsAmga S.p.A, a Hera Group company, is the multi-utility established on 1 July 2014 following the business combination between AcegasAps SpA and Amga Multiservizi Spa of Udine. With over 2000 employees, it provides the essential services for the quality of life of over 800 thousand people living in the north-east. It operates in the management and distribution of water resources, in the distribution and sale of gas and electricity, power generation, waste collection and treatment and many other services.

  • Marche Multiservizi is a multi-utility operating in public utility services, particularly integrated water cycle management, environmental health services and methane gas distribution.
    The company is the leading multi-utility in the Marche region, both in terms of turnover and industrial size, and represents the first merger at regional level between companies operating in the local public services sector.

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Sustainability and Shared value
Sustainability and Shared value
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