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Diversity management


Gender, cultural and origin differences are now universally recognised as values and must therefore be managed in the best possible way, bearing in mind that the management of diversity must always go hand in hand with the pursuit of equality. Feeling equal and included fosters cooperative behaviour in the workplace and promotes an organisation that is conducive to a greater participation in our corporate culture.

In 2011, in order to further facilitate the development and dissemination of our corporate policy on equal opportunities and workplace equality, Susanna Zucchelli, General Manager of HERAtech, was appointed Diversity Manager to support the implementation of a corporatepolicy on equal opportunities and the appreciation of diversity.

The Diversity Manager is supported by a working group that is complementary and spans the company's organisational functions, to develop projects together with the relevant company departments and to simplify and streamline applications.

Diversity Managementís mission focuses on some major goals:

  • disseminating the culture of inclusion among the public, private and civil society, sharing best practices with institutions and companies in the area to strengthen the social fabric
  • supporting the management and appreciation of plurality in the company
  • strengtheningthe role of the Hera Group in the development of a culture that values differences and favours proper work-life balance.

Disseminating a culture of diversity, implementing time-saving projects aimed at reconciling daily life and work, health, well-being and empowerment have been central objectives of the process to date.

In recent years, we have organized events aimed at involving and encouraging participants to ponder on the central issues of Diversity Management. One of them was a fun and engaging show by and with Alessandra Faiella, focused on the condition of contemporary women in different social contexts, from childhood to mature life. Another was the "Sconfinate Energie" event, with the participation of the dancer Simona Atzori, to promote the culture of disability and inclusion within the Hera Group (the focus of Diversity Management for 2018-2019).

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