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2019 Financial Statements Oscar: the Hera Group receives the communication award


The Hera Group wins the Special Oscar Award for Communication for the 55th edition of the event promoted by Ferpi (Italian Public Relations Federation) which rewards virtuous companies in reporting activities. The ceremony was held in Milan, at Palazzo Mezzanotte, in Piazza Affari, in the presence of Borsa Italiana President Andrea Sironi.

Among the strengths that convinced the external commission of the Oscar to recognize this special award for the multi-utility is the storytelling, defined as effective, innovative and clearly addressed to all stakeholders. From the motivations expressed by the jury, in particular, it emerges how "in all the material of the multi-utility considered there is a lot of emphasis on communication and on the will to share results and objectives. Hera talks about its equity story in a detailed way, also through the sharing of a very detailed interactive encyclopedia in the contents ".

Particularly appreciated was also "the transparency of communication, which is supported by the presentation of the entire ecosystem of communication through numerous shared contents in a simple and intuitive manner".

Moreover, in the reporting strategy the Hera Group has decided to accompany the classic transfer of results to stakeholders, including a vision of the direction the company intends to take in the near future, of its values ​​and its purpose. This is also why the Hera Group has given more space to the local dimension in the 2018 Sustainability Report, considering nine unpublished pages dedicated to each area served. Furthermore, the commitment undertaken last year continued with the introduction in the Mol Balance Sheet of shared value, or rather that portion of the gross operating margin deriving from business activities that pursue the interests of the company and, together, 11 of the 17 objectives of the UN Agenda to 2030 for sustainable development.

"This award fills us with pride and shows that the path we have taken is the right one," said Giuseppe Gagliano, Hera Group Central Director of External Relations. Developing with our communities of reference, we understood how important it was to tell each other thoroughly, allowing everyone to know what we do, how we work and the values ​​we believe in. Behind every issue of the Group, precisely for this reason, there is a story made of faces, people, work and enthusiasm. When it comes to reporting, after all, we don't just talk about a "compliance" issue. In other words, transparency is also a civil value, to be promoted in all locations. This is why we have integrated the activities that have been awarded today with the Group's broader communication strategy, in which they are integrated in a harmonious and coordinated manner ".

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