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Hera rises to 14th place globally in the Diversity & Inclusion Index


The Hera Group has confirmed its ranking as one of Italy and the world’s most interesting companies for investors who look favourably on businesses committed to supporting diversity and inclusion. The outcome has been published in the 2019 edition of the “Diversity & Inclusion Index”, which measures the performance of over 7,000 listed companies worldwide.

In this international ranking, Hera, with a score of 75, came in third in Italy and 14th globally, further improving its position (after ranking 22nd in 2018). Furthermore, it was confirmed as the leading multi-utility worldwide in this classification.

The “Diversity & Inclusion Index”, conceived and carried out by the international financial information giant Refinitiv(the new name for Thomson Reuters’ Financial and Risk division), analyses the performance of companies based on a range of ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors, mainly focusing on four areas: diversity, inclusion, people development and news controversy. 150 researchers participate in one of the world’s largest and most accurate projects in data collection and analysis concerning companies committed towards these issues, which find significant room in the Hera Group.

The multi-utility, indeed, continues to invest in developing internal and personalised career paths, an orientation that has allowed it to reach a percentage of women having roles of responsibility that in 2018 came to 32.3%, increasing over the previous year. The amount of female personnel, which grew overall, is once again higher than the national sector average (24.7%, as compared to 15.9%). Alongside this figure, one must also consider that workers with disabilities account for 4.5% of the company’s employees, significantly moving in the direction of inclusion for people with special needs.
In terms of work-life balance as well, notably, in 2018 all 71 requests for part-time jobs were accepted.

An important contribution also came from training. In 2018, 99.4% of Group employees were involved in training activities, with a per capita average of roughly 30 hours, yet another figure that is higher than the sector average. Among the various initiatives, mention must go to further promotion of smart working and leadership courses, that encourage human resource development based on each worker’s characteristics (sex, age, training, ability, aptitude and skills). Nor can one forget the introduction of innovative training activities that use gamification methods, such as the recent Diversity@work, specifically conceived to raise awareness among the company’s entire workforce as to a diverse and inclusive environment.

Other positive effects unquestionably come from Hera’s corporate welfare plan, Hextra, which supports employees and their families in many ways (the overall value of services claimed in 2018 came to 4.2 million euro). Lastly, numerous significant projects give concrete reality to managing plurality, such as scholarships, agreements with summer schools, work-life balance initiatives and arrangements for paid family leave, not only for mothers and fathers but also those who must take care of relatives or the elderly. Not by chance, the results of surveys on the company climate continue to be encouraging and are further confirmed by the lack of news controversies involving diversity and inclusion.

The Hera Group’s commitment to policies promoting inclusion and diversity, in any case, has a long history. It first took concrete shape in 2009, when the Charter for equal opportunity and equality on the workplace was signed. The introduction in 2011 of a Diversity Manager, whose task involves giving even greater emphasis to developing policies aimed at inclusion and the valorisation of diversity, was also fundamental. With these initiatives, Hera actively contributes to the fifth of the United Nation’s objectives for sustainable development (SDG), specifically dedicated to gender equality.

“The confirmation of our presence among the world’s top 25 companies in the ‘Diversity & Inclusion Index’ reflects the many policies we have promoted over the years”, comments Tomaso Tommasi di Vignano, Executive Chairman of Hera Group. “Our workersare one of the company’s key resources and this is why we continually invest in projects aimed at personal and professional wellbeing and development, paying close attention to innovation and inclusion. For the Hera Group, diversity is a value, an integral part of its corporate strategy, and this recognition encourages us to reinforce our commitment in this area to an even greater degree, with projects aimed at supporting the inclusion, integration and growth of our employees.”

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