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HergoAmbiente: Hera wins the Smau Innovation Prize

SMAU 2016

Hera's commitment to new technologies has been rewarded at the Smau Bologna innovation trade fair. The HergoAmbiente project won the Smau R2B Innovation Prize for cutting-edge experiences that are making public services increasingly "smart" and thus improving the quality of life.

Hera has been focusing on new technologies and ideas for many years. One of its key projects is HergoAmbiente, an "intelligent" IT management system that is unique in the national and international landscape. HergoAmbiente enables integrated management of all waste collection and street cleaning activities through fully digitised processes that communicate constantly with each other.

HergoAmbiente thinks and works as a network, i.e. a system of interconnected people and devices capable of governing all management processes for environmental services. The system connects 3,000 operators, 1,300 collection and cleaning vehicles and 300,000 containers, and manages approximately 1,900 work orders every day, as well as planning services at the over 140 collection centres of the Hera Group. HergoAmbiente currently serves an area of 2,600,000 people in Emilia-Romagna, a number that will shortly rise to 3,300,000 when it is extended to the other regions in which Hera operates.

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