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Hera in first place for the website "careers" category

Hera Group was, once again, ranked in the top ten companies in Italy chosen by young people looking for work on the web. This was announced as part of the Online Talent Communication research undertaken by the Swedish research company Potentialpark, which ranked businesses which attracted the greatest number of candidates looking for work through their websites. This year it reviewed more than 23,000 questionnaires completed by Italian students and recent graduates and then, based on the results, Potentialpark selected the 79 companies which best met the needs indicated by the young people.

Hera Group improved on their 2015 ranking: this year, the "careers" category was ranked in first place, thanks to the  Working at Hera Group section on the website, while in the general classification it was in sixth place (compared with ninth place last year), top of the multi-utilities, ahead of large companies like Edison and Lidl.

This result is due to the constant commitment that the Group shows to the creation, dissemination and personalisation of HR policy contents and information using various web communication tools. A special mention must also go to the "candidate user experience”, the user-friendliness of the Group's website, using mobile devices (smart phones or tablets) alongside other channels such as the LinkedIn page, the social network dedicated to the world of work. 

“This recognition is very pleasing because, for some time, Hera Group has been among the top companies in Italy making major investments in updating and in the personal and professional development of its employees also creating many opportunities for listing to employees, like meetings between top management and workers and the internal climate surveys. Human capital is our main resource with whom we wish to share the distinctive values of our corporate culture" commented Giancarlo Campri, Hera Group´s Director of Personnel and Organisation. “The use of various tools (website, LinkedIn page, networking with universities and business schools) to communicate and interact with potential candidates has helped us, in time, become one of the most attractive companies in Italy receiving over 13,000 curricula vitae per year".

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