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Hera Group once again awarded for web financial communication

On 1 of May 2012, Hera Group website ranked among the Top 5 at the 2012 IR Global Rankings, in the category Best Ranked IR Websites in Europe. Together with Hera were also awarded: Danske Bank, Pirelli, BASF and Bayer, all large cap companies with a relevant presence in international markets. The event was powered by IRGR, the most comprehensive ranking system for investor relations websites, online annual report, corporate governance practices and financial disclosure procedures, jointly with its coordination group and supporting entities Nasdaq, Arnold & Porter, KPMG, MZ and Sodali. The award ceremony took place in New York, at the Nasdaq (USA Technologies Index) headquarter, in the presence of international public and press, such as The Wall Street Journal, Deutsche post, Reuters news, CNBC, FOX News, Business week, Yahoo Finance and the main US newspapers.

The best IR websites of Northern America and Europe were awarded taking into account the following criteria:

content: quality, completeness, usability, communication of financial information
design and navigability: organizing information to make interactive search easy and intuitive, taking creative design into consideration too
technology & data handling: use of telecommunication tools for Group webcasting and conference calls
timeliness: timely updating of financial information

Around 120 major international companies attended the contest, such as AT&T, Cisco Systems, Gazprom Neft; General Electric; HSBC Holdings plc; Microsoft; PHILIPS; Royal Dutch Shell plc.; Hertz Corporation; ThyssenKrupp AG e UPS.

The award ceremony
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