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Information notice in accordance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003
Your personal information is necessary for us to send you our Newsletter, "VedoHera Sustainability News". The Italian law on data protection requires us to inform you of the following:

RecipientsThis information notice is for visitors to the internet website www.gruppohera.it who wish to receive the Newsletter, "VedoHera Sustainability News".
OwnerThe owner of the data treatment is Hera S.p.A., parent company of Hera Group with headquarters in viale Carlo Berti Pichat 2/4, Bologna. Hera S.p.A.
Personal information
To receive the Newsletter we need the following information about you:
- Your email address
- Your name and surname
- The company you work for and your position
Without the above information we cannot send the newsletter to the specified recipients.
PurposeYour information and email address will be used to periodically send you the Newsletter. In addition, by means of a general analysis of subscriber types, Hera Group will use the personal information collected from subscribers to verify the effectiveness of its communication plans.
In addition, the personal information will be archived to protect the parties concerned, to prevent any abuse.
MethodsData handling will be performed using electronic equipment and, as a last resort only, in hardcopy form.
Providing your personal informationYou provide your personal information completely of your own free will; it is not mandatory. If you do not provide this information, or if you only provide part of the information, Hera will not be able to send you the Newsletter.
Sphere of communicationThe information will be accessible to those employees of Hera S.p.A. who need to be aware of it in the course of their duties.
The information will also be accessible to employees of Officine Digitali S.r.l., who will use it for the purposes already indicated, as the external service provider of the data treatment and for managing issues of a technical and computer nature.
Another data treatment handler is the Hera Group company Famula On-Line, and Acantho S.p.A. will also have access to the personal information collected in its role as technical operator of the connectivity services relating to Hera Group's internet website.
Duration of treatmentYour information will be kept indefinitely unless you request its deletion. You can do this at any time by clicking on the special links on Hera Group's website and in the email messages sent by Hera to you. The owner may, at any time, decide to stop sending the Newsletter.
Rights under art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003Under art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, we inform you that you may at any time contact this email address, csr@gruppohera.it, to obtain:
1. This information on the regulations governing the handling/treatment of your information
2. The correction of information provided
3. To request the deletion of the data provided, without prejudice to the personal information which Hera may have to archive to protect its own rights and those of any other parties concerned.