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The new sustainability report approved on 27 March by the Board of Directors of Hera Spa has been published. The Group centres the report on the creation of shared value and the 2030 UN Agenda goals. There are also new pages dedicated to the representation of the results of each individual area served.


Through this project, the Hera Group has recovered from its company canteens more than 91,000 meals not consumed and donated to non-profit organizations, thus enabling them to make an overall saving of about 375,000 euros. Reusing the surplus food also avoided the production of about 39 tonnes of waste.


The Hera Group has published a new report in which the engagement of customers, associations and individuals is put at the centre, describing the many projects through which the company offers them the possibility of becoming active players in the change expected by the company.


Recently started in Bologna and Rimini, in 2018 this model was applied to the areas of Ferrara and Ravenna, involving 24 representatives of the local communities in 10 meetings, for a total of 300 hours of discussions. The result? 12 co-planned projects that Hera undertakes to implement by the end of 2020.

Sustainability and Shared value
Sostenibilità e Valore condiviso
REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
Together we can make the difference!
Insieme facciamo la differenza!