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How well do you know Hera's Code of Ethics? Find out with this test

The ABC’s of the Code of ethics

The Code of ethics for the Hera Group represents the development of the principles expressed in its mission and Charter of Values and serves as a point of reference and guide for Hera employees and those invested in its mission. Between 2008 and 2009, the AlfabEtico [AlphabEthics] computer game was used to train all of the approximately 6,500 workers and continues to be provided to each new hire. But the Code is also a reference tool for Hera’s customers and suppliers, partners and the institutions with which the company works as well as its shareholders and the local community.

Play it yourself and find out if you know the ABC’s of the Hera Group’s Code of ethics

You find out that a Hera employee is using certain information on its customers to suggest additional purchases to them. What should you do?

Art. 36 “Conflicts of interest”, “All employees and associates must avoid situations in which conflicts of interest may arise. Likewise, they must abstain from personally benefiting from their position, from information and from the discretionary power connected with their role. All employees and associates are obliged to inform their direct superiors of potential situations of conflict of interest in which they can be involved”. In addition, Hera guarantees that the personal data of customers will be processed in compliance with current regulations and in accordance with the Code of ethics (Art. 15).
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There are 5 random questions, answered in complete anonymity, and you can stop anytime you’d like. Find out how well you know the ABC’s of Hera’s Code of Ethics by answering just 5 questions; it will take up at most 7-8 minutes of your time and we will keep no record of your answers.

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