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From water cycle to water services through integrated management

The integrated water service ensures that the water provided by nature is fit for human consumption and properly treated before it is returned to the environment. Hera manages water services in 231 municipalities and covers a catchment area of over 3.6 million inhabitants.

The concept of 'water services' refers to people's requirements in a social context. The 'water cycle' (or 'hydrological cycle'), which regards nature, is different. It describes the transfer of water (in its different forms) between atmosphere, land and underground.

The Hera Group, of course, provides water services. This involves integrated management of all the stages needed to make water usable and available for civil and industrial purposes: from extraction and purification to distribution to users, from sewer system management to wastewater treatment and the return of water to the environment.

Key figures for the Group's water services (2017)
Municipalities served231
Residents served3.6 million
Volumes sold300 million cubic metres
Water production and purification plants422
Mains water network34,642 kilometres
Sewer system18,642 kilometres
Wastewater treatment plants469