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High quality also for wastewater treatment

Our commitment is to return clean water to the environment

An efficient array of plants spread evenly throughout the areas Hera serves covered, in 2017, 91% of wastewater treatment needs (civil and industrial). If only thee communities with over 2,000 inhabitant equivalents are taken into account, this figure rises to 99%. At national level, the latest data indicates wastewater treatment coverage of just 70%.

This trend towards improvements within urban areas highlights Hera's commitment in this field. In 2017, 122 out of 134 urban areas with more than 2,000 inhabitant equivalent were compliant with standards (91% of the total); for the remaining 12 areas, upgrades are already planned, to be completed by 2021.

The efficacy of wastewater treatment and pollutant removal is expressed by the number of analyses that fall within regulations. In 2017, 99.1% of analyses carried out at wastewater treatment plants were within regulatory limits. The non-conformities refer to one-off situations.

Key projects aimed at improving wastewater treatment quality in Hera-served areas include modernisation of the Servola plant in Trieste and the Rimini Seawater Protection Plan.