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Better service: safety and continuity

Better service: safety and continuity

With performance levels that exceed legal obligations, the Hera Group closely monitors its network infrastructure and acts promptly where action is required, by minimising waiting times for the technical call centre and all emergency services. This is especially true for gas services thanks to state-of-the-art facilities such as the fluid remote control hub in Forlė and the electricity remote control operations centre in Modena.

Forlė technical services call centre

  • 339 thousands calls in 2018, slightly down compared to 2017
Gas network leakages per 1000 km
Following reports by third parties35
Following inspection114

In 2018, third-parties reported 35 leaks every thousand kilometres of network in the Group's entire gas distribution network, compared to 37 recorded in 2018. On the other hand, inspection activities identified 114 leaks in 2018 in the Group's distribution network every thousand kilometres, compared to 59 in 2017. The number of leaks reported by third parties on underground networks is down compared to 2018, while the number of leaks identified by scheduled searches has increased, proving their effectiveness in finding leaks in high risk and obsolescent networks.

Rapid response gas services
Calls answered within 120 seconds (90% is compulsory)97.4%
Average time taken to reach call location (min)36.5
Calls with arrival times within 60 min (90% is compulsory)96.7%