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Fair and honest from first contact. For informed, safeguarded customers

Fair and honest from first contact. For informed, safeguarded customers

Complete compliance with the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (Arera) rules, the introduction of further improvements, constant training and monitoring of the sales network and, of course, listening to the needs of end users. This is how the Hera Group conducts business fairly, by applying working practices designed to safeguard customers and ensure they are fully informed before signing up for services, thus reducing any sources of grievances.

In 2018

  • 310 thousand new contracts signed
  • 47 (0.015% of all signed contracts) grievances received
  • 47 corrective measures taken (100% of cases)

Fair business: further commitments

In addition to corrective measures required where unwanted stipulation of contracts or provision of supplies has occurred (defined by Arera resolution 153/2012/R/com and subsequent amendments), the Hera Group has put further customer safeguard measures in place:

  • sending a welcome letter to residential and non-residential gas customers also for contracts concluded in Hera Commís offices;
  • making withdrawal easier, requiring an email, simple letter or fax (not just a registered letter).

For Hera, it is fundamental to acquire the customerís consent clearly, responsibly and unequivocally. In order to do so, even more specific quality controls have been put in place, in line with the requirements of the Consumer Code:

  • for contracts offered by phone, a second call must be made to check that the customer has received the contract and actually wants to sign it, and to monitor, at the same time, the quality of the work carried out by our teleselling channel. In addition, the customer can retrieve the telephone recording of their conversation via the web portal or automated phone system;
  • for contracts signed following a visit to the customerís home, in addition to the welcome letter, a phone call is made to assess the quality of the sales staff's work and to give customers a chance to exercise their right of withdrawal.