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Synonymous with savings and innovation. Free market offers

Free market offers

With Hera Comm, the free energy market means savings and innovation.

60% of gas customers and 80% of electricity customers adhered to one of the offers proposed by Hera Comm.

  • Consumption Diary

    And 4 other offers to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint (Hera ContaWatt, Hera Led, Hera Impronta Zero, Hera Thermo).

  • Hera Bebé

    Hera Bebé is the rate plan that Hera Comm offers the parents of children up to 36 months of age: families (even single parents) who choose it get a Euro 50 energy bonus, a free consumption diary and an assistance service for their young children, with an indemnity if hospitalized, medical advice by telephone and paediatric home visits.

  • Simply Hera

    Simply Hera is a Hera Comm service that provides multilingual (English, French, Albanian) telephone support and keeps the price of the energy component and the wholesale gas marketing fee fixed for 24 months.

  • Pacchetto Natura

    Pacchetto Natura is Hera Comm's rate plan that guarantees that the electricity supplied is generated from renewable sources, and on-line billing/direct debit. Users can add it as an option to any rate plan.

  • HeraRicarica

    HeraRicarica is Hera Comm's offer to recharge our customer's electric vehicles, through a network of public charging stations and the sale of private wall boxes.

  • Hera No Problem and Hera Caldaia Sicura

    Hera No Problem is the insurance policy that Hera Comm offers to protect its customers against breakdowns in the electrical and/or gas systems of their homes.

    Hera Caldaia Sicura is a service provided by Hera Comm to keep its customers' boilers efficient, safe and compliant with standards, through a program that includes routine maintenance, emissions control and 24 months of rapid repair service.

  • Discover Hera's Servizi Energia for Energy Efficiency

    Condominiums, companies and public bodies can reduce their energy consumption and polluting emissions with the support of Hera Servizi Energia and AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici: from the modernisation and management of plants, to the individual heat accounting in condominiums up to the construction and management of industrial cogeneration plants. The professionalism and experience of HSE and ASE made it possible to have a portfolio of 467 condominiums for HSE and 411 condominiums for ASE as of the end of 2018.

    To find out more: hse.gruppohera.it and www.aseservizienergetici.it.