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Robotic Process Automation

Five "robotic" processes

A platform to automate repetitive and low value-added business processes.

During 2018, we set up a new Robotic Process Automation platform, to automate processes that involve interaction with repetitive, low value-added computer systems.

Tests conducted on the technology's potential, yielded extremely satisfactory results in the five processes involved (management of the DURC certification for our suppliers, management of communications between salesperson and energy distributors, management of the salesperson's Order Entry process, management of "expense reports", management of service notices relating to waste management services), both in terms of speeding up the process, and the resulting efficiency, and concerning the reliability of the operations. During 2019 these initial steps will lead to the strengthening the platform, creating a real "software automation hub" for the operational processes that typically absorb a lot of resources, but with low added value.

In terms of potential efficiency on a Group scale the results are certainly significant, but above all, robotics will make it possible to free up time for resources to be used for more demanding jobs, exploiting the intellectual skills applied to the processes where the greatest value is generated for the company.