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We are close to you, also with our innovative services

Utility 4.0

Innovative projects to make our service increasingly efficient and effective.

  • 70,000 emergency services requests managed with the new system in the first 6 months of 2019
    1,500 employees involved

    IT platform to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our operation, maintenance and emergency response activities.

  • 4 plants involved

    A computerized dashboard for real-time monitoring of the biological, hydraulic and energy "state of health" of the treatment plants.

  • Five "robotic" processes

    A platform to automate repetitive and low value-added business processes.

  • 1,600 sensors to control the filling of the bins
    3.5 million signals received

    A data analysis system to improve the design of waste collection services, focusing on on-demand.

  • 3,500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided/year

    A meter that, in addition to measuring consumption in real time, identifies any anomalies and catches micro gas leaks that are hard to locate.

Smart city

Innovative projects to make our cities more efficient, clean and safe.

  • 3 drop-off points already installed

    A technological infrastructure that aggregates within a single point services such as: waste collection with user identification, environmental quality monitoring, video surveillance, connectivity and electrical recharging.

  • 15 monitored indicators in 8 different areas

    Observation dashboard of the cities for constant monitoring and environmental data available in real time. It can be powered in part by the sensors present in the PUNTOnet multiservice hubs.

  • 2 data centres managed by Acantho

    Acantho data centres offering our customers cloud services to protect both family data and company data.

Circular economy

Innovative projects for recycling, recovering, regenerating.

  • 7.5 million cubic metres each year

    Anaerobic digester, which produces biomethane used for public transport and compost for agriculture from urban organic waste collected by the local population.

  • Collaborative projects for the production of 100% biodegradable plastic, using the sugars contained in the wood as raw material.

  • 10% reduction in energy consumption
    5.5% improvement in the quality of outlet water from the plant

    The Modena treatment station, as a result of the collaboration with Energy Way, has been equipped with a cutting-edge system, the only one in Italy, which uses predictive logic to further contain energy consumption and improve the quality of outlet water.

  • 500 thousand cubic metres of recovered water

    In 2018, 500 thousand cubic metres of outlet water from the Bologna treatment station was recovered as a result of the first agreement concluded with Local Authorities.

Customer experience

Innovative projects, which make our customer services increasingly quicker and more simple.

  • 160 downloads of the My Hera app (as of June 2019)

    New channels to improve and complete the digital experience of residents, such as the online services portal and the MyHera app, which make it possible for customers to manage their own supplies and communicate with Hera.

  • 12 additional systems available

    Collaboration agreements to expand the range of payment options for our customers (MyBank, CBILL, Jiffy, etc.).

  • 12 thousand digital quotations stipulated

    Integrated dashboard, which makes it possible to centrally manage all quotes requested by customers and respond in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.