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PUNTOnet Multiservice Drop-Off Point

3 drop-off points already installed

A technological infrastructure that aggregates within a single point services such as: waste collection with user identification, environmental quality monitoring, video surveillance, connectivity and electrical recharging.

The goal of the project is to create a technological infrastructure capable of aggregating several services for the city within a single point, with a view to optimizing energy, environmental, economic and IT resources. The technological infrastructure's main function is to collect municipal waste in an innovative way. In fact, it will be capable of monitoring and measuring the waste delivered to it, while providing a set of additional services:

  • air quality monitoring
  • connectivity, using Wi-Fi hotspots or other telecommunications devices
  • sustainable mobility, by including a charging station for cars and electric bikes
  • security, through a video surveillance system.

After we made our initial indoor prototype 2016, we made an outdoor prototype consisting of a technological totem and two waste bins, in 2017. Subsequently we optimized the technological drop-off point and added another container to collect the three waste types: paper and cardboard, plastic and cans, and glass.

In October 2018, we ran a pilot project in Castel Bolognese where about fifty families were involved to dispose of their separated waste at the drop-off point. The pilot project will last twelve months, to test the prototype and monitor it from both a design and usability point of view.

In order to increase our offer of smart services, during 2018 we set up an extension of the prototype, consisting of a canopy that, in addition to the services present in the totem, has room for electric bicycles, includes photovoltaic panels that generate renewable electricity and offers cabinet for the storage of postal parcels. This new smart drop-off point was built and installed in October for the inauguration of Cesena's new university campus.

The last version we made, called PUNTOnet, has a technological canopy next to a number of waste containers, this model incorporates all the improvements developed during the pilot projects. We expect to field test the product over the coming months.

At the end of the trials, we plan to transform the prototypes into industrial products and extend this type of infrastructure to other areas.

Area: province of Ravenna and Forlė-Cesena